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What is Team Helping?
If you or someone you know was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes this book is a must read. Team Helping Type 1 Diabetes is our first book to explore how being diagnosed with Type 1 actually makes you a part of a team rather than feeling alone with a new diagnosis. Every friend you make, every doctor who helps you are all part of your Team Helping you manage Type 1 Diabetes. 

You make a difference in those around you, and those around you can really change your life too. Additionally this book provides insightful and familiar diagnosis stories to so many. This book also is a way to start conversations with your children, grandparents, educators and friends.

Teamhelping has a goal to be available for free on hospital beds for newly diagnosed kiddos through our organization, as well as have printed books available on our site for purchase. Every book purchased, and every donation helps get more books on beds, and more support to newly diagnosed kiddos. 

If you purchase one TeamHelping book, we will also print one for a child in the hospital at diagnosis. We all know this is a confusing time and this book's goal is to help with the more emotional aspect as well as helping define and solidify T1D concepts for easy comprehension. 

We thank you for your support.
Donate books to newly diagnosed kids in hospital beds
(All books are donated)
Price: $22-$100+
"This is just an incredible undertaking. I absolutely love the way it is written, the message it sends, and the very practical information it provides. And I love the drawings! They remind me of super hero stuff, which describes Jared perfectly! The most important part is that Jared talked about so many issues that are a vital part of diabetes. Please tell him that I think he did the most wonderful job (and I’m not just saying this – I really mean it) and that I’m proud to be a part of his healing team!”."
Joanie Warner, N.P., C.D.E. Type 1 Diabetes Specialist
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